We engage with textile practices that resonate with embodied experience. We design, weave and finish each unique piece. They are created with the intention to last a lifetime, the materials are sourced with care and the cloth is all up-cycled. Commissions are available.


Tapis de Textil 

One-of-a kind rugs weaving together your personal textile histories. Gather together your clothes, curtains, linens and sheets and CLOTH TONE will weave a custom, upcycled cloth rug which will resonate with intention and align with your personal energy. Each rug is unique and completed by commission.

Contact us to and we would be happy to weave your custom Tapis de Textil!


Handwoven Wool Rugs 

One-of-a kind rugs woven with wool grown and spun in Western Canada. These rugs come in a variety of sizes and and designs. Contact us to view rugs in stock or to place a custom order.