Cloth Tone Weekend

Together, Larissa Beringer and Lindsay Lorraine have been designing and weaving as a partnership since 2018- exploring what it means to make slow cloth in a sustainable and embodied way - broadly exploring themes related to the body, labor, environment and materiality. In July 2019, Cloth Tone invited four artists to join them in the Okanagan for a weekend of foraging, natural dyeing, cooking, swimming and skill sharing on themes across their individual practices. The Cloth Tone Weekend nurtured new relationships and a feeling of wholeness through the simple act of slowing down in an open, creative space. There was an acknowledgment for the necessity of human connection in creating a sustainable future. So, with a commitment to engaging in curatorial projects that gather artists together under themes related to contemporary textiles, sustainability, the body and our well-being - the exhibition Cloth Culture took shape. If we turn our attention to cloth as a means for living sustainably into the future what are the possible outcomes?