Studio Sale


Join us to celebrate and view our first series of work!

When: Oct 6, 2018 // 11-5pm
Where: The Aviary, 637 East 15th Avenue, Vancouver B.C. // @theaviary
Offerings: We will be selling a variety of blankets, shawls, ponchos, pillows and rugs. Each piece is handwoven by Beringer & Lorraine. The materials are sourced with care and most yarns are ethically produced and some are hand spun and plant dyed.
Show: Collection is available for viewing September 29 to October 6, 2018
Payment: Cash or Credit Card

The Aviary
637 East 15th Avenue
Vancouver, BC



Our interdisciplinary studio embraces local & ethical textile production within a growing community dedicated to sustainable, long-lasting goods that resonate with our day-to-day experiences.

We are exploring ideas around creating lasting goods with community members and artists and are looking forward to 2019 where we plan to work with the Lake Country Art Gallery on a project around these ideas.